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Public Health

“I often use PCHD’s walk-in clinic services for blood work. It is very convenient that I do not have to make an appointment, which makes it so much easier on myself as I have three children and a full time job. I enjoy chatting with the nurse and other staff members when I am there, as they are all very polite and a pleasure to be around. I am very thankful for their services offered to our community.”

– M.M.

“I have used your services from WIC program to shots for my kids for over 17 years. The staff is always helpful and so friendly”

– Amy Capstick

“I received prenatal care and services from the WIC division at PCHD as well services and care for my son after he was born. I will be forever grateful that I was able to access these services and the care and compassion they showed my son and me.”

– Anonymous 

“I have used PCHD services in the past to get my annual flu shot, and I am very satisfied with the service that they give.”

– Jack Bibb

“The pike county health department is great. They are very helpful and caring. They go above and beyond for the community and the surrounding communities.”

– Kandace Lang

“Through my job, I have referred many patients to PCHD for services (such as diabetic counseling). I have also had nothing but great experiences with Home Health & Hospice Nurses when share a mutual patient.”

– Kayla Walker

“I have always heard how great your Hospice is and my mother comes once a month to get a B12 shot. But, about a year ago I found out I was diabetic. Took classes with Kim Gamm and that is what helped me become a controlled diabetic. The services you offer helps our community greatly and the staff is great!!!”

– Karen St. Clair

Home Health

“Your staff really took the time to listen and analyze the patient’s needs. Not just asking questions but gathering information from conversation. They were always on time and called ahead. They were responsible and notified the doctor of their concerns. They were extremely observant. The nurse noticed a slight dizziness one morning and stayed until I found a ride to the ER where I was found to be anemic. Everyone was very friendly and I gained a lot of useful information from casual conversation.”

– Joanna Brock

“I have been fortunate to be visited by PCHH the past few months. I had my last visit today. The care I received was excellent. I had an infected post surgical chronic wound. I know it would not have healed as quickly without their expertise. Thanks, ladies!”

– Karen Cox

“Would like to thank you for the great quality care you provided for our son, it made our job easier having you come to our home and meet all his nursing and therapy needs. Your staff has been very happy and helpful and it meant a lot to us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”
– R.W.  

“I haven’t really had the need to use a lot since my kids were little; I get my flu shots every year from them, but following my back surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago I’ve met I believe 5 Home Health nurses while under their care. Very sweet, kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and capable nurses! I am so very proud we have them here in Pike County!”

– J.H.

“I would like to thank Amy, Karen, and all that helped me. Everyone seemed very professional and caring, and understanding of my well being. They were all terrific and I would recommend them to anyone.”

– D.R.

“Thank you to everyone! So happy to be going home, I can’t wait! I can’t thank everyone enough, May God Bless you all!”

– M.A.

“Your entire team is professional, courteous, and well trained, and create an attitude toward returning to normal health that stays with you when their job is complete! Thank them all for me!”

– B.N.

“The care I received from Home Health was the very best. I was more than pleased with all of them. I would like to thank each and everyone for their care. Especially Susan DeCamp, she is the greatest!”

– A.G.

“I am so thankful for Pike County Home Health. We are very blessed to have them in our area. Received excellent care from Kim, Diana, and Elisa.”

– M.S.

“Excellent staff! Excellent care! I don’t know what we would have done without home health. Everyone is so kind and caring. Cant speak highly enough about them!”

– R.A.

“I was very grateful to have my nurse. She was very good to me. She was very professional and had a great personality. Thank you so much for the help!

– C.B.

“Every Home Health individual that came to my house was very professional and kind.”

– M.A.

“Excellent Care from everyone! Very Pleased! Thanks to everyone for my care! Thank you all!”

– John. D.

“The nurses gave excellent care during my hip surgery. I would love to thank them all for being there for me and such a warm and friendly, caring bunch of girls. Keep up the good work!”

– E.D.

“I was extremely pleased with the service I received. Without (Pike County Home Health) coming to check on my INR levels while taking warfarin, it would have been extremely difficult to get that done elsewhere with both hips just replaced. It was so nice and convenient.”

– K.P.


“This is the second time in 5 years that I have had to utilize Pike County Home Health. Both times my primary provider has been Susan DeCamp. She is awesome. Also, Lynda in the office is extremely efficient, and always helpful. You are doing everything right!”

– Claude L.

“Good, nice, friendly. The kind of people we wish our neighbors were.”

– D.K.

“Please thank Amy Becker. She is a very dedicated nurse. Amy made me feel very comfortable and is welcome in my home anytime. Very professional.”

– R.S.

“All of the staff sent here was excellent! I owe a special thanks to my core group who saw me the most, they went above and beyond their obligations to not only heal my wound, by heal ME! They all treated my wife with great respect and we will always be thankful for their dedication!”

– S.Y.

“I think we are very fortunate community to have such wonderful services available.”

– K.G.

“All of the care I got was just outstanding. Excellent. I found all of the nurses, aides, and others very knowledgeable and willing to help you in anyway they could.”

– G.Y.

“I just know that they were very faithful to come when they said they would. All the girls were sweet, very kind, and had great personalities. It was a real pleasure meeting them”

– H.D.

“I feel that (my husband) got the best care from some VERY, VERY, VERY GREAT NURSES. I mean they were on the ball. They took VERY, VERY, VERY good care of him. Tell all of the girls and whoever to keep up the good work because they are all doing a wonderful job!”

– R.K.

” I am please with Pike County Home Health because they were really thurough about everything. They explained all the help that (my mother) would need and what they would give her. They explained to her ways to do exercise, and they checked to make sure insurance would pay for everything.”

– E.N.

“They are very special, very professional and very caring. We became good friends, I trusted them fully, and I trusted them all. So it was a very wonderful experience considering the pain I was and still am having.”

– A.C.

“I received home nursing services and physical therapy after each of my hip replacements. It was very convenient having the nurses and therapists come to my home. I appreciated their positive attitudes and their help during my recovery.”

– Geneva Martinson



“I want to thank the entire Hospice team for the outstanding care and compassion they showed during my dad’s last few months. From the nurses, social worker, minister, bath aides, etc, they all went above and beyond to keep him clean, comfortable and happy. They were also so good to my mother and our family. Kudos especially to Hillary and Judy who were primarily assigned. We are so grateful and Pike Countians should be so proud to have such a fabulous service available.

– Barbara Scherder-Goetz

“Words can not adequately express my appreciation to Pike County Hospice for helping with the care of my mother, Ruth Brown. Mom was diagnosed with cancer in the bone in August of 2012. It was decided to undergo surgery to allow ambulation, lending to quality of life for as long as possible. The surgery was successful and rehab was short. Mom was back on her feet in two weeks walking independently at age 91. Radiation Treatments followed by cancer medication ultimately lead us to a disappointing report on October 3, 2012.  Treatment was unsuccessful and the cancer had spread. My mother said, at that time, “God has had my life all mapped out, from start to finish, and the timing of my last breath is in his hands.” “God will have His way!” I have to say that God had His way by allowing Pike County Hospice to become involved in the care of Mom’s remainder of life. I had been involved in Geriatric Health Care for about 15 years but caring for my own mother was different. I was faced with emotional decisions to be made as well as the physical aspects of the situation. I have to say that I was blessed with wonderful family support but they were a distance away. My Mother and I both needed help. Hospice was the extending hand of God’s Grace, giving us just what we need when we needed it. Whether it was nursing care, counsel, emotional support – they were there at a beckon call. I truly do not know how I made it through those weeks without the help of hospice. The whole Hospice staff prepared Mom (as well as our family) for that “last breath” that our loved one took on January 10, 2013. When the end came Hospice was still there to bring closure to the experience that I (we) needed. On behalf of myself and the family of Ruth Brown I have to say thank you so much. I commend your staff for their professionalism, but more importantly, to a family who might be facing a similar experience, Pike County Hospice loves and cares and they are there for you.”

– Karyl Adam

“I have been a recipient of the services more than once from Pike Co Home Health, as well as my late husband, Darrell Mercer. Darrell also received Hospice care. The services they provided were so important in helping me regain my strength after lengthy hospital stays. When Darrell received home health, it not only helped him (and it helped him a lot), but it helped me, too, physically and emotionally. Above that, this staff gave so much more — respect, interest in our daily lives, great care, kindness, dedication, and professionalism. I will be forever grateful and highly recommend Pike County Home Health and Hospice. I encourage everyone in our community to learn more about this wonderful group and all they provide before you and/or a loved one might need it. Sincerely, Delores Mercer”

“My mother in law. She was our families ROCK! The foundation board helps enrich & encourage the growth of the hospice program. Our family would have been lost without the compassionate care we received from pike county hospice during her battle with Cancer.”
– Elisha Koenig

“Having used the hospice services from this organization a few years ago, I can attest to its value to the community. Keep up the good work!!”

– AN

“For the second time in my life, Pike County Hospice has gone above and beyond what I expected to care for my family and loved ones.”

– Clay Koenig

“Our hospice care experience was phenomenal. We are truly blessed to have a facility with such kind and dedicated employees in our area.”

– Michael W. Colbert

“My husband lived one half day in hospice care and then expired. What care he received, what I learned, and the support I have had since, has been excellent. I recommend you to everyone. God’s blessing to all. Love in Christ.”

– Carlene Harpole

“June received excellent care. She seemed to be in no pain. We owe a debt of gratitutde to all staff members who helped us through this difficult time. Thank you all so much for your help. God Bless you all!”

– Karen & Rusty Edwards

“My first experience with Pike County Home Health & Hospice was when a dear friend was dying of cancer. When visiting her I saw first hand the wonderful care and love her and her family was receiving during this very difficult time. Such a comfort this was to me and a memory I have never forgotten. When I retired I was asked to serve on the Home Care & Hospice Foundation Board and could not think of a more worthwhile board to serve and be a part of. Since being on the board my mother required the help of Home Health and soon afterwards hospice care. She so looked forward to the caring employees of PCHH and their smiling faces. Our community is truly blessed to have this service with the dedicated and caring employees who work for PCHH.”

– Nellie Wamsley

” I do not think I would have been able to get through that time without them. I appreciate everything they did for me and my family.”

– Delilah Chatman

“When I was desperately trying to help my grandmother tend to my grandfather’s end of life care, at his bedside I was sure I was strong enough for the job. I quickly learned I was not, it is very difficult not only physically, but mentally to help my grandmother do the things necessary to keep my grandfather comfortable. The nurses from Pike County Hospice were a god-send. I would not have been able to handle my grandfather’s passing without them. Had you told me those years ago that I would have the opportunity to work with these nurses, and for the Hospice program I may not have believed you. I am completely honored to be a part of such a caring group of people, and to be helping our Hospice program be the best that it can be.”
– Tracy Brookshier

“We used Pike County Health Department for hospice for poppy and the nurses were great and very supportive the whole time even after he passed away.”

– Danielle Brown

“We have used PCHH services for my father 13 years ago. Several ppl I know have also used them. My husband has been battling cancer for 7 years and now it’s time to call on PCHH for their help. I couldnt bring myself to call hospice so i contacted theor Home Health services. After a week it was time to call hospice. So far they have been great! We’re just getting started but I’m sure they will help us thru this journey.”

– Carol Deters

Pike County Hospice served us in the final weeks of my father-in-law’s life. The care they provided for him and us made a difficult time easier to bear, and their care for us continued after his death. We highly recommend them.

– Anonymous

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