Food Safety

We work hard at inspecting all local food establishments, and ensuring all measures are being taken to prepare and keep food properly.

"The food supply in the United States is among the safest in the world. However, when certain disease-causing bacteria or pathogens contaminate food, they can cause food-borne illness, often called “food poisoning.” The Federal government estimates that there are about 48 million cases of food-borne illness annually – the equivalent of sickening 1 in 6 Americans each year. And each year, these illnesses result in an estimated 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths." - FDA

Missouri Food Code for the Food Establishments of the State of Missouri

What are food permits and how are they helping to keep you safe? Read the full article from our Environmentalist and Emergency Planner, Stefanie Davis here: Food Safety and Permits


Food Borne Illnesses: What you need to know

Download and share: FDA_FoodborneIllness_Final

For more information on food safety visit: FDA Foodborne Illness Information

Food Service Establishment Inspection Reports

All food service establishments are inspected every 4-6 months. All reports & violations are available for public knowledge. We will list the past year of inspections below, if you have any questions regarding current or past inspections, please contact our Environmental Specialist Stefanie Davis at 573-324-2111 ext. 113, or

Health Inspection Ratings at a Glance: These icons represent the most recent visit by our health inspector.

= Passed Inspection

  • Description: If any Non-Critical violations were found, they were corrected on site or no follow up inspection was necessary. Non-Critical Violations relate to maintenance of food operations and cleanliness. These items are to be corrected by the next regular inspection or as stated on the inspection report.

= Violations Found; Follow Up Scheduled

  • Description: If any Critical Violations or an abundance of Non-Critical violations were found, a follow up inspection is required. Non- Critical Violations are minor issues that are typically corrected on-site. Critical Violations relate directly to factors which lead to foodborne illness. These items MUST RECEIVE IMMEDIATE ACTION within 72 hours or as stated on the inspection report.

= Multiple Critical Violations Found

  • Description: If multiple Critical Violations were found and are unable to be corrected in a timely manner in order to continue safe food service the establishment is temporarily closed until violations have been corrected to code.

Pike County Food Serving Events: Click on the event dates below to see all temporary food stand reports from the event.

Pike County Missouri Fair 2019, Bowling Green, MO

Louisiana Farmers Market, Louisiana MO

Rhythm in the Park, Bowling Green MO

Champ Clark Heritage Festival, Bowling Green MO

Applefest, Clarksville MO

Colorfest, Louisiana MO

Pike County Food Serving Establishments: Click on the dates below each establishment for detailed inspection reports.

Abel's Quick Shop #1_720 North Third Street Louisiana MO

Abel's Quick Shop #4_606 Bus Hwy 61 N Bowling Green MO

Abel's Quick Shop #15_1601 Bus Hwy 61 S Bowling Green MO

Abel's Quick Shop #21 "Joe's Jug"_3508 Georgia Street Louisiana MO

All Fired Up Restaurant & Sports Bar_1515 Bus. Hwy 54 West Bowling Green MO

Ayerco #35_18048 Bus Hwy 161 S Bowling Green MO

Ayerco #65_222 Mansion Street Louisiana MO

B & B Tavern_931 Bus Hwy 61 N Bowling Green MO

Bankheads Chocolates_810 Bus Hwy 61 Bowling Green MO

BONCL School_23526 Pike 9247 Louisiana MO

Bowling Green Diner_19 Bus Hwy 61 South Bowling Green MO

Bowling Green Elementary School_700 West Adams Bowling Green MO

Bowling Green High School_700 West Adams Bowling Green MO

Bowling Green Middle School_700 West Adams Bowling Green MO

Boyd's Village Market_Hwy 79 Clarksville MO

Calvin's Restaurant_105 North Main Eolia MO

Casey's General Store #3615_900 Bus Hwy 61 Bowling Green MO

Cherry's Bar & Grill_103 South 1st Street Clarksville MO

China Restaurant/Cafe USA_348 Georgia Street Louisiana MO

Clarksville Riverview Restaurant_2020 North 2nd Street Clarksvillle MO

Clopton School_28176 Hwy WW Clarksville MO

County Market #391_3328 Georgia Street Louisiana MO

Crossroads General Store_1001 Bus Hwy 61 South Bowling Green MO

Dairy Queen_1600 Bus Hwy 61 South Bowling Green MO

Dairy Queen_711 Georgia Street Louisiana MO

Dollar General Store #476_1320 Bus Hwy 61 S Bowling Green MO

Dollar General Store #2163_3209 Georgia Street Louisiana MO

Dollar Tree_6 Town Center Drive Bowling Green MO

Dos Primos Mexican Restaurants_1237 Bus Hwy 61 South Bowling Green MO

Dos Primos Mexican Restaurants_221 Georgia Street Louisiana MO

El Mercado Mexican Restaurant_900 Georgia Street Louisiana MO

Fast Lane #26_101 West outer Road Eolia MO

Fat Boys Restaurant_123 S. 3rd Street Louisiana MO

Frankford Elementary School_500 School Street Frankford MO

Forever Primitives & Luncheonette_214 West Church Street Bowling Green MO

Hardees Restaurant_3313 Georgia Street Louisiana MO

Hardees Restaurant_15054 Hwy 61 Bowling Green MO

Hen House Cafe & Market Place_221 Mansion Street Louisiana MO

Izola's Place_401 South 3rd Street Louisiana MO

JJ's on Georgia_313 Georgia Street Louisiana MO

Johnny Diamonds Sports Bar & Grill_21200 Hwy 161 Bowling Green MO

Josephine's Bakery & Bakery at The Eagle's Nest_215 Georgia Street Louisiana MO

Karen's Catering_Bowling Green MO

Karl's Movies

KC's Place_3424 Georgia Street Louisiana MO

Lillian Schaper School_902 Independence Bowling Green MO

Louisiana Elementary School_500 Haley Street Louisiana MO

Louisiana High School_3211 Georgia Street Louisiana MO

Louisiana Flowers & Gifts_519 Georgia Street Louisiana MO

Lucky Star Buffet_219 Bus Hwy 61 North Bowling Green MO

McDingerz Sports Bar & Grill_131 Outer Road Eolia MO

McDonalds_#8133_1603 Bus. HWY 61 South Bowling Green MO

Meme's Mart & More_306 East Main Street Curryville MO

Meme's Pantry_104 South Court Street Bowling Green MO

Merna's Kitchen_Bowling Green MO

Mid-County Decor_21601 Hwy 54 Louisiana MO

Overlook Farm_16095 Hwy W Clarksville MO

Pam & Jerri's Cafe_16442 Bus Hwy 61 North Bowling Green MO

Pike County Auction Sales & Service, LLC_201 Bus Hwy 61 Bowling Green MO

Pike County Council on Aging "Pike Pioneers Nutrition Center"_521 Georgia Street Louisiana MO

Pike County Memorial Hospital_2305 West Georgia Street Louisiana MO

Pizza Hut_4 Town Center Dr. Suite A Bowling Green MO

Riverview Restaurant_202 North 2nd Street Clarksville MO

Rotary Club of Bowling Green_Bowling Green MO

Saint's Avenue Cafe_102 Sharry Street Bowling Green MO

Save-A-Lot_1106 Bus Hwy 61 S Bowling Green MO

Scotty's Market_119 Green Street Eolia MO

Shortline 66_309 North Low Frankford MO

Southside Bar & Grill_110 West Main Street Bowling Green MO

Spring Hollow Coffee

St. Clement Catholic School_21493 MO-161 Bowling Green MO

Steamboat Bistro on 1st_105 North 1st Street Clarksville MO

Subway_3324 Georgia Street Louisiana MO

Sugar Shack_Bowling Green MO

Sweet Home Concessions_Bowling Green MO

Taco Bell_100 Sharry Street Bowling Green MO

The Aviary Recovery Center_22933 Hwy 61 Eolia MO

Twin City Bowl_3511 Georgia Street Louisiana MO

Village of the Blue Rose_12533 Hwy 79 Clarksville MO

Wagon Wheel #2_1637 Bus Hwy 61 Bowling Green MO

Walmart #145_3 Town Center Drive Bowling Green MO

White Field Farm Cafe_107 Howard Street Clarksville MO

Woods Smoked Meats_1501 Bus Hwy 54 West Bowling Green MO

Permits, Checklists, Forms, Guidelines

>>> NEW! You can now pay permit fees online! Pay online and send in or email the necessary forms from below.

Starting up a new food establishment? This is the form for you:


Already have a food establishment and need to renew? Here is the renewal application:


Planning a temporary/seasonal food service? Here is what you need to know:


Have a complaint or want to learn more about the food code established for our state? These are what you need:


Bake Sale & Farmers Markets Resources, and Required Signs & Labels

There is no fee or permits necessary for bake sales. By law it is required that items be labeled either individually or a sign with ingredients must be displayed on the sale table. The first two links below have printable guidelines to follow. Please contact our office for additional questions.


National Restaurant Association Resources