Emergency Preparedness

In the event of a disease outbreak or natural disaster we assist other local emergency response teams in the coordination of medical care such as mass dispensing medications, vaccines and other nursing services.

We are also prepared to be on-site during any environmental hazard emergencies such as a food truck wreck or restaurant devastation (fire, flood, etc.) ensuring the food is disposed of or taken care of properly, and follow up to inspect establishments upon re-opening after a disaster.

Our agency is an active participant in local, regional, and state bioterrorism and disaster preparedness programs. Our personnel attend training on a regular basis to ensure an efficient and professional response to emergencies in Pike County.

Disasters Happen. Prepare Now. Learn How.

Our staff educates the community to be “Ready in 3” ;an emergency preparedness program that focuses on three steps you can take to prepare for many kinds of emergencies.

Emergencies can strike anytime. A tornado, a flood or even a terrorist attack can change lives. Our community citizens should take steps today to prepare for an emergency. Preparing today can save lives!


The Ready in 3 program was created by the Department of Health & Senior Services. Their website has an amazing amount of helpful resources and printable guides to help you prepare, follow the link below.

See all the resources available from DHSS >>

View the Family Guide to being Ready in 3 >>

The agency is a member of the Local Emergency Planning Commission, the Emergency Services/Communications Task Force and the Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT). 



Severe Weather

Pike County Health Department, Home Health & Hospice recommends and promotes the use of N.O.A.A. Radio. N.O.A.A. radio is an all-weather alert system supported by the National Weather Service that provides an early alert when severe weather is impending or the threat is indicated by radar or trained spotters in the field. The intent of the N.O.A.A. system is to provide some margin of time that allows citizens the opportunity to seek shelter from the approaching threat. Threats include but are not limited to tornado, thunderstorm, high wind, flooding, drought, and any number of other severe weather conditions. Notification time frame can be short so immediate action may be required.

Click here for information on how to be prepared in severe weather emergencies >>

Pike County is covered by N.O.A.A. at the frequency of 162.475 .


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