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Snug as a Hug Car Seat Safety Checklist – June 2019

Children are Curious Poison is Deadly – June 2019

What to know about measles – May 2019

Striving to decrease the spread of pertussis – April 2019

Food Safety and Permits – March 2019

DHSS recommends catch up vaccinations – February 2019

January is National Radon Action Month– January 2019

Missouri DHSS remains committed to working with partners to ensure continuation of the Time Critical Diagnosis System – July 2018

Use of Synthetic Cannabinoids Linked to Severe Bleeding in the US – April 2018

Public Health Week Focus_Immunizations – April 2018

Public Health Week Focus_Positive Mental Health – April 2018

Possible measles case in the Kansas City, Missouri area – April 2018

Possible measles exposures in the St. Louis area – March 2018

Learn what hospice care means to patients and their families – March 2018

Ten Ways to Love Your Brain – March 2018

Missouri among five states selected to participate in project addressing maternal opioid use – February 2018

Vaccine effectiveness in US may be higher than other countries this flu season – February 2018

Coloring for a Cause – February 2018

February is American Heart Month – February 2018

State seeking organizations to serve meals to children during summer months – February 2018

Take Action to Prevent the Flu – January 2018

CDC Water Fluoridation Awards 2016 – January 2018

Frigid with a chance of hypothermia – January 2018

Court Ordered Tobacco Ads – December 2017

State completes nine opioid summits with significant community engagement – December 2017

Update Public Health response to Bourbon virus – December 2017

Hospice Month Grief Article – November 2017

Behavioral Health Services Open Appointments Now Available  – October 2017

National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month – October 2017

Home Health & Hospice Expanded Service Area: – October 2017

PCHD Now offering flu shots during walk in hours – September 2017

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month – September 2017

September is National Suicide Prevention Month – September 2017

2017 Total Solar Eclipse in Missouri – August 2017

Look before you lock! – June 2017

Sunny with a chance of heat stroke – June 2017

National Men’s Health Week – June 2017

June is septic system maintenance month – June 2017

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