Lifeline Medical Alert Service

Pike County Health Department, Home Health & Hospice offers a medical alert service to help independent older adults and individuals with chronic medical conditions feel more confident to continue living independently in the one place they feel most comfortable – their own home.

Lifeline gives quick access to help, 24 hours a day. When help is needed, the individual presses the help button that is worn as a pendant. A certified Personal Response Associate responds quickly, assesses the situation and summons help, whether it is a neighbor, relative or ambulance.

Frequently asked Questions:


Q:  How much does it cost?

A:  As little as a dollar a day, $28.00 per month. Billed to you monthly from Lifeline. A one time installation service fee of $65.00 that can be made in payments.


Q: How long does it take to install?

A:  In most cases the system can be installed in as little as 30 minutes and within 48 hours of your order.


Q:  Are there any requirements needed for the system?

A:  You will need a landline for this particular system to be installed. If you do not have a landline, there are wireless systems that can can be paired to a cellular device and we can give you more information on that if you request.




America’s #1 Medical Alert Service Since 1974

As part of Philips Healthcare, the commitment to innovative, quality care is in everything we do here at Lifeline. Whether it’s state-of-the-art lab equipment for hospitals or advanced consumer products for patients, Philips is dedicated to improving quality of life for individuals and families everywhere.

Our suite of aging-in-place solutions supports independent living and helping older Americans make the transition from hospital to home. As the leader in medical alert systems in the United States for over 40 years, we combine a steadfast commitment to innovating with a variety of services for your lifestyle and outstanding customer service.

Our mission

Our mission is to transform the aging experience, making it better for older adults, caregivers and clinicians around the world by:

  • Delivering personalized services that provide quick, stellar support 24/7
  • Keeping customers as healthy as they can be through continual innovation
  • Enabling caregivers and healthcare providers with access to the information needed for better outcomes

We work to create solutions so seniors can live independently with grace and dignity in the place they call home.




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