Food Service Establishment Inspection Reports

All food service establishments are inspected annually. All reports & violations are available for public knowledge. If you have any questions regarding current or past inspections, please contact our Environmental Specialist Stefanie Davis at 573-324-2111 ext. 113, or




Passed Inspection

If any Non-Critical violations were found, they were corrected on site or no follow up inspection was necessary. Non-Critical Violations relate to maintenance of food operations and cleanliness. These items are to be corrected by the next regular inspection or as stated on the inspection report.

Violations Found;

Follow Up Scheduled

If any Critical Violations or an abundance of Non-Critical violations were found, a follow up inspection is required. Non- Critical Violations are minor issues that are typically corrected on-site. Critical Violations relate directly to factors which lead to foodborne illness. These items MUST RECEIVE IMMEDIATE ACTION within 72 hours or as stated on the inspection report.

Multiple Critical Violations Found

If multiple Critical Violations were found and are unable to be corrected in a timely manner in order to continue safe food service the establishment is temporarily closed until violations have been corrected to code.

Permanent Food Establishments

Mobile Units