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As summer starts to make its way into our area that means that more events will soon be organized. While our agency continues to recommend that our county residents follow the guidelines issued by the State of Missouri as well as the CDC, we strive to assist local businesses, schools, and community organizations on how to implement these recommended actions.

As your local Health Department, our role is to help the community understand and put into action these recommendations through guidance and education. While these guidelines are only recommendations for what we can do during these re-opening phases to slow the spread of COVID-19, we urge the community to continue making safe decisions particularly in ways that protect persons at increased risk of severe illness. During this phase we continue to encourage social distancing and proper hand hygiene as it is each individuals responsibility to take action against this virus.


We encourage the public and community entities to reach out to us if you would like assistance in how to implement mitigation strategies during these re-opening phases. Please use our COVID-19 contact form that can be found on our dedicated COVID-19 webpage found on our website at or call 573-324-2111.