August 11th from 6:30pm-8:00pm in our Community Conference Room (side entrance).

Please RSVP by August 8th to Stefanie Davis: 573-324-2111 ext. 113


The goal of this free workshop is to provide foundational knowledge on the basic concept of a POD, how to establish a POD, the basic principles of POD operations, and demobilization. This workshop is part of the community’s planning effort to achieve success in the mission to distribute life-saving commodities to disaster survivors in an affected community.

Points of Distribution (PODs) are centralized locations where the public picks up life-sustaining commodities following a disaster or emergency. Commodities provided can include, but are not limited to, shelf-stable food, bottled water, ice, tarps, blankets, etc. The Local Emergency Management Agency will determine the actual commodities and set quantity of each.