August 21, 2020

Pike County Health Department Updates COVID-19 Dashboard

Pike County, MO – The Pike County Health Department (PCHD) would like to thank everyone for their patience during our transition of the new state reporting system this week.  In addition to the new system we will also be adding more data on our county dashboard due to an increase in Rapid Antigen testing in our area.

As your local health department we strive to provide accurate data through monitoring, surveillance and risk management to ensure the community is aware during this ever changing pandemic.  At this time reporting at the state level, through the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, for both state and county specific cases is only including PCR laboratory confirmed tests (as stated on their site).  PCHD has reported in the same manner and currently reports COVID-19 data on active cases, confirmed cases, recovered cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

Due to the increasing number in our County of people opting to have the rapid antigen test performed we felt it pertinent to add those numbers to our dashboard as the last two weeks have shown we have had a substantial number of positive rapid antigen tests being reported.

The United States FDA made the rapid antigen test available under an Emergency Use Authorization, but the state considers these positive results as presumptive laboratory evidence and at this time reported as a probable case. A probable case, as per MODHSS case definition, is someone that has been exposed to someone with a PCR laboratory confirmed test, has developed COVID-19 symptoms, and did not receive a PCR test OR had a positive rapid antigen test. We will be reporting the positives of these rapid antigen tests going forward.

PCHD continues to urge residents to continue social distancing, avoid large crowds, and to wear mask in public especially when you are unable to social distance.  For more information on COVID-19 go to our website @


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