The Pike County Health Department is one of many local county health departments as well as other Covid-19 vaccinator providers that are awaiting an initial covid-19 vaccine shipment.  The Mo DHSS is allotted a certain number of doses from the federal government weekly and decides where those shipments will be sent.   Initially the state designated 55% of volume to the health care delivery system choosing 10 larger sites/hospitals to initiate the Phase 1A group which consisted of Health Care front line workers.  The Mo. DHSS also entered into a Federal Pharmacy Partnership designating 45% of the vaccine to vaccinate all Long term care facilities immunizing our most vulnerable population of residents and their staff.

Rhonda Stumbaugh, Administrator would like to assure county residents that we have taken the proper steps to become a vaccine provider and are ready when the time comes to provide this service to our community. “Our county health department continues to monitor the county’s current situation through surveillance, case investigations, contact tracing, as well as educating and giving recommendations based on the current status.  Now with the vaccine becoming available one of our #1 priorities during this pandemic is to be a resource for our residents, and provide immunizations to those that want to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.” Stumbaugh says.  “This is the next step that we can take to help fight this pandemic and ensure the health and safety of our community”.

While our agency continues to await the arrival of the vaccine we are working hard to plan and strategize how to organize and safely implement the vaccination clinics once they are received. Our COVID-19 team is working together at meetings to discuss and play out how we can efficiently and safely deliver the vaccine to those who request it.

As our agency will be required to follow the State of Missouri distribution phases we are unsure what phase/tier the state will be in at the time we receive the vaccine. Our current plan is to take appointments for those who are eligible during the particular phase/tier at that time. We will offer appointments online and for those with no internet access can call in for one. Once our agency has an ETA of the vaccine we will work quickly to set a date for the first COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic. As of right now, we anticipate receiving the vaccine by late February and we are unsure how much vaccine we will receive.

Where is Pike County Health Department currently in the vaccine distribution process?

  1. Apply to be a COVID-19 Distributor and await for approval. < COMPLETE >
  2. Receive approval and await shipment notification and ETA of vaccine arrival. < COMPLETE >
  3. Plan and strategize the logistics of mass COVID-19 vaccination clinic(s). <WE ARE HERE>
  4. Receive notification that vaccines are shipped with ETA date.
  5. Set dates and locations for COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics.
  6. Push through all media outlets the dates, locations and eligibility information for the upcoming clinics.
  7. Appointments will be made available online and by phone for eligible Missouri residents.
  8. Proceed to distribute as many vaccines to the eligible population as possible.
  9. Request more COVID-19 vaccines and start from #3 again.


What to expect when PCHD opens appointments for the COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics:

  • Get ready by educating yourself on the Missouri COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Phases to ensure where you stand as well as learning about the COVID-19 Vaccines that are available.
  • When scheduling your appointment you will be required to verify that you are eligible to receive the vaccine under the current distribution phases. You will pick your appointment date and time and fill out the necessary online form. You will receive email notification of your appointment. Appointments must be made at least one day prior.
  • We ask that you arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. If you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment we can not guarantee that we will be able to get you in for your vaccination that day and you may be required to make a new appointment.
  • Don’t forget to bring your drivers license or valid ID along with your Medicaid, Medicare or Private Insurance Card. (The vaccine is FREE and the administration fee will be covered for everyone regardless of insurance coverage. We also recommend wearing a mask and clothing that allows easy access of the arm.)
  • Upon arrival you will receive a handout with information including the EUA/Fact Sheet for the Vaccine, Notice of Privacy Practices, information regarding your second dose as well as information on V-Safe the after vaccination health tracker app.
  • Consent and Insurance forms will be given to you to fill out prior to getting your shot.
  • Time for your vaccine! You will then be called upon by a nurse to receive your vaccine.
  • Once you have received your vaccine you will be directed to wait in a designated recovery area for 15-30 minutes.
  • While you wait to depart you will be assisted with scheduling your *second dose appointment as well as setting up the V-Safe app (fi applicable). Additionally your COVID-19 Vaccine will be input into the ShowMeVax system.


*IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR SECOND DOSE: We will schedule your second dose appointment before you leave unless otherwise directed. While the State of Missouri is still experiencing an exceptionally limited supply of COVID-19 vaccines, we have been instructed to use all available inventory for first doses. The state is working on securing second doses and we are completely dependent on their distribution of the vaccine to our agency in order to administer your second dose. Should the state’s inability to deliver enough doses cause a temporary delay before your scheduled second dose appointment we will inform you prior to your appointment. Per CDC: The second dose of COVID-19 vaccines may be scheduled for administration up to 6 weeks (42 days) after the first dose. Both doses of the series should be completed with the same product.


Don’t want to wait for us to get the COVID-19 Vaccine?

If we are notified of a local COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic that is scheduled we will do our best to notify the public once the information has been verified. If you feel that you would prefer to try and receive the vaccine sooner from another distributor, you can view the Vaccine Locator Map and find a location to receive your vaccine.
PLEASE NOTE: The State of Missouri is still experiencing an exceptionally limited supply of COVID-19 vaccines. Before contacting a vaccinator on this map to coordinate your vaccination, please understand that many vaccinators are still awaiting supplies from the federal government.


  • January 22, 2021 at 10:45 pm

    Wouldn’t it save time to have people register for the vaccine now so having this list will save time when the vaccine is available to you?

    • January 25, 2021 at 4:32 pm

      Hi Carolyn! We are working on this.

  • January 26, 2021 at 9:44 pm

    I agree with Carolyn it would be helpful to let people register ahead of time. There are many of us who do not get important info as soon as we would like. Not everyone in rural America gets a daily paper or has internet or even in some cases the news media does not cover our small towns. We have resorted to calling Pike County Health Dept several times a day, also the Hannibal Hospital Line. We were not aware that Hannibal was giving the vaccine until it was too late. We know this is a difficult situation and appreciate all the work you are doing.

    • February 2, 2021 at 6:42 pm

      I agree. Please let me know when available for appointment.

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