August 10, 2020

Pike County, MO – As your local Public Health Department throughout this pandemic we are working considerably hard to address safety concerns and inform the community on how they can help slow the spread of COVID-19 within Pike County.

With our recent rise in positive cases, we feel it necessary to remind everyone that we are still under the Governor’s Executive order which includes social distancing and taking precautions when social distancing cannot be maintained.

As event season is upon us and like all actions during this pandemic, there are significant consequences to the decisions to host/attend mass gatherings, and we are not immune to those effects. While there are no national or State mandates in place that do not allow large events, we as a local health department will not support/recommend such events take place.

Returning to normal is our ultimate goal for not only the physical health of everyone but for our own mental health as well. We encourage our residents to find safe ways to get the fresh air and socialization we all crave during these crazy times while remaining cautious about this active virus within our community. We urge everyone to continue taking preventative measures to help slow the spread of COVID-19 within our county.

This is a recommendation and not a mandate and will remain as such unless there are substantial local changes related to the pandemic or further guidance from state or national levels warrants the enactment of an official mandate. It is the hope that everyone will take precautions and decisions are made in the best interest of our citizens as well as realizing the work load that has been put on our Health Care Providers, Hospital, and Local Health Department.  Pike County Health Department will continue to follow CDC data and recommendations while monitoring any changes in the spread of this virus within our county.

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