Our agency has been working diligently for over a year to ensure our county residents are informed of the current COVID-19 situation in Pike County. We have gone from overwhelming active case investigations to administering hundreds of vaccines  each week. With our active cases at a steady low and our staff working countless hours for our COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics, we are going to make our reporting more efficient to save the time we need to dedicate to these clinics going forward. Beginning today, we will report our Active, Hospitalized and Death counts on our website on weekdays that we do not have COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics (Monday, Thursday & Friday). We will continue to send our PCHD E-NEWS out weekly or as necessary to inform our community of anything COVID-19 related.

Our Full Case Counts will be replaced with data given directly from the State of Missouri. All of the information that we previously reported is the same as the state’s dashboard except for the daily active case count, hospitalizations and deaths. At this time the state’s reported deaths and our reports will differ slightly as the state currently only reports PCR Confirmed related deaths. We will continue to report deaths that were confirmed through Vital Records Death Certificates which includes PCR Confirmed, Rapid Antigen Positive & Probable Case related deaths.

Beginning Friday, April 9th all Missouri residents are eligible to receive the vaccine as long as they meet the age requirement for the specific vaccine. We continue to receive the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccines and encourage anyone interested to call our office or visit our appointment page to book an appointment. We can not thank our community enough for the support they have shown to us as we navigate through this pandemic. Your kind words and kudos are much appreciated and give us the energy to keep going.


One thought on “PCHD Makes updates to COVID-19 Dashboard

  • April 9, 2021 at 2:01 am

    Thanks for all of your efforts to arrange the vaccine clinics in Pike County. I appreciate all of the update information and I am thankful to have received the vaccines. Thanks again and my prayers are with all of the medical professionals and their work during the pandemic especially those in Pike County, MO and surrounding areas. May GOD bless each one. Thanks.

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