JEFFERSON CITY, MO — The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) announced today the launch of its new logo and identity to better reflect the department and its vision for the future of public health in Missouri.


“We are excited to unveil our new look as we work to unify public health strategies and messaging throughout the state,” said Paula Nickelson, DHSS acting director. “One of the many things that was reinforced throughout the COVID-19 pandemic was the importance of communication and collaboration among public health partners and extending that out to the people we serve. We are so much more than a team responding to a pandemic. We are working to transform public health in Missouri, and that starts with a fresh look and a thoughtful identity to which our entire team and external partners will feel a connection.”


Main features of the new logo include the following:

  • Curved line. The curved line in the middle of the logo has dual representation. DHSS is on a strategic path to improve health outcomes of Missourians. The curve is seen as Missouri’s journey toward better health. Additionally, the line is viewed as a stream. Along with partners, DHSS works to implement strategies upstream in order to improve overall population health. Upstream efforts seek to create community-level impact and improve community conditions by addressing social determinants of health. Midstream efforts seek to create individual-level impact by meeting individuals’ social needs through screenings, referrals and other individually-focused processes. Downstream efforts seek to create patient-level impact by providing clinical care.
  • Shield. Through many programs and functions, DHSS works to protect Missourians. Whether it’s protecting seniors or those with disabilities from abuse and neglect or by regulating facilities that serve residents, DHSS uses its authority to ensure entities are abiding by regulations that safeguard the wellbeing of Missourians young and old. Additionally, the shield has become the nationally recognized identity of public health departments and is used by many local public health agencies in Missouri today. The 115 local public health agencies serving Missourians throughout the state are one of the most valuable resources and partners to DHSS and its mission.
  • Medical cross. The medical cross is one of the most internationally known medical symbols. It represents non-biased health for all people. DHSS works to protect the health of Missourians, working collaboratively and in an aligned manner with the state’s health care providers.


Four main colors were selected to modernize the look and represent the functional areas within the department that serve Missourians with support from administrative personnel: community and public health, senior and disability services, regulation and licensure and the public health laboratory.


The update comes exactly six months after Nickelson, a 23-year veteran of the department, took the helm at DHSS which employs approximately 1,800 team members throughout the state.


“Our team has overcome several unprecedented challenges, especially throughout the past few years,” said Nickelson. “While circumstances were less than ideal, we cannot take for granted the strength, knowledge and partnerships gained that will help us move our state forward in protecting the health and safety of Missourians.”


DHSS worked with Missouri-based design firm, Firehouse Design Studio, Inc., to create the new brand.

A video explaining the new branding can be viewed here. Information about public health services and programs provided by DHSS can be located at Health.Mo.Gov.