Graphs are a common method to visually illustrate relationships of data. Charting trends during the COVID-19 pandemic are popular as they can help to give a better visual representation of the evolving situation.  You have likely seen that some large counties, states and all the way up to the global level are putting out graphs to show where we stand currently on case counts and more. These charts continue to report large daily case numbers and we all hope to see those numbers decrease. What is being called the “Flattening of the Curve” and then the decrease in numbers on these charts is what we are all excitedly anticipating. As our county is not in the situation where we have large numbers to report daily (thankfully), our chart differs slightly. For our graph, we want to “Stop the Curve”.

Our chart will not show a downfall of positive case numbers (red line) but will simply just cease to move any higher. This graph shows the reported positive  and recovered case counts for Pike County, Missouri. We hope to see the red line come to a stop, and the green line reach the red. The meeting of these two lines would be our ultimate goal as it would mean that we have had no more positive cases of COVID-19 in our county, and that all of the positive cases we have reported on have recovered. Example: If our red line stops at 5 cases, we want to see the green line reach 5 as well and then hopefully nothing more!

We can expect to reach our goal by working together to help STOP the spread of COVID-19. We continue to urge residents to continue following the Stay at Home Orders and CDC Guidelines on preventative measures to keep everyone safe. This chart will be updated and located on our dedicated COVID-19 webpage.

(Graph updated 4/15/2020, will continue to be updated on our COVID-19 webpage.)

View Missouri Dept. of Health & Senior Services Case Count Reporting Charts >>>

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