By Tracy Brookshier, Marketing Coordinator

March 30, 2020

As our agency works hard to keep our community safe during this pandemic we continue to do our best in sharing credible resources to the public. Our first positive COVID-19 case was reported in Pike County yesterday (March 29, 2020). This is a contact related case meaning it is not a travel related case.  This person was a contact of an already confirmed case from outside Pike County.

“We will not be issuing any more information on the patient.  Patient’s medical information is to be kept confidential per HIPPA guidelines and we as a rural community take additional precautions to protect their identity.  We hope people understand our stance and be assured that the information provided is all that we can provide at this time; and that any other information is not relevant to the message.” Said Rhonda Stumbaugh, Administrator. “We feel it is imperative that EVERYONE needs to continue to do their part in taking steps to stop the spread by following the CDC guidelines. The best way to stay safe during this pandemic is to stay home and avoid contact with others. If you go out for essential needs we continue to recommend that everyone follow social distancing guidelines.”

While performing public health priority activities, including notifying the patient, raising awareness among our communities is valuable. We will provide data as it is available, verified and pertinent. Patient confidentiality plays a vital role in this process which is why we are only able to share limited information regarding positive cases. Rest assured that if you may have been in contact with an individual whom tested positive you will be contacted.

We receive COVID-19 reports from our local/regional hospitals, healthcare providers, and the state, when a patient tests positive for the virus. Pending tests and negative results are not always reported consistently, so in order to ensure our reporting is correct we will only be reporting confirmed positives when we have official documentation of the test result.

Continue to keep up with resources and information regarding COVID-19 on our facebook page and here on our website.


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  • April 3, 2020 at 2:15 am

    How can True be going back to work? They are closer then six feet.

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