Today we report 1 more positive case of COVID-19 in Pike County that is currently under investigation.
As it has been 14 consecutive days since our last confirmed positive case we remain cautiously optimistic that our county will continue to slow the spread.
To say we are PROUD of our county would be an understatement.

Pike County, Missouri has a population of over 18,504* people and we have reported 7 positive cases to date during this pandemic. Put that into percentage form and you will get an approximate 0.037% of our county population that tested positive with the novel-coronavirus (COVID-19).


We take the health of our community very seriously and it is very apparent that our residents do too. As our expertise is in public health, you can’t imagine how great of a feeling that is for us. Our friends, families and neighbors have taken this pandemic seriously and because of that we have very low numbers of positive cases within our county; together we can ensure it stays that way.

With the nation gearing up to re-open in the recommended phases, it will be our duty as your local Public Health Department to work with other state and local officials to ensure we are doing so in a way that we can reduce the chance of COVID-19 making a return.

The businesses in our county have done an incredible job of getting creative with safe ways to serve the community through this time of uncertainty and we are confident they will continue to do so.

We continue to urge residents to keep taking the preventative measures so that we do not see another spike in cases. It is unclear when we can consider ourselves back to “normal” but we are confident that we will get there safely with the help of the amazing residents of Pike County, Missouri….

*Population from 2018 census.