We are proud of our reviews and testimonies we have received from the members of our community!

Public Health Reviews

"I often use PCHD's walk-in clinic services for blood work. It is very convenient that I do not have to make an appointment, which makes it so much easier on myself as I have three children and a full time job. I enjoy chatting with the nurse and other staff members when I am there, as they are all very polite and a pleasure to be around. I am very thankful for their services offered to our community."

- M.M.

“I have used your services from WIC program to shots for my kids for over 17 years. The staff is always helpful and so friendly”

– Amy Capstick

“I received prenatal care and services from the WIC division at PCHD as well services and care for my son after he was born. I will be forever grateful that I was able to access these services and the care and compassion they showed my son and me.”

– Anonymous 

"I have used PCHD services in the past to get my annual flu shot, and I am very satisfied with the service that they give."

- Jack Bibb

"The pike county health department is great. They are very helpful and caring. They go above and beyond for the community and the surrounding communities."

- Kandace Lang

"Through my job, I have referred many patients to PCHD for services (such as diabetic counseling). I have also had nothing but great experiences with Home Health & Hospice Nurses when share a mutual patient."

- Kayla Walker

"I have always heard how great your Hospice is and my mother comes once a month to get a B12 shot. But, about a year ago I found out I was diabetic. Took classes with Kim Gamm and that is what helped me become a controlled diabetic. The services you offer helps our community greatly and the staff is great!!!"

- Karen St. Clair

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Tracy Brookshier Bowling Green, MO



Audra Miller

My husband does not go to the doctor unless he is dying, literally. However he does have to see his primary doctor once a year to get his blood pressure medicine renewed. Every year his doctor tells him he has to have bloodwork done. For the last few years he has refused to do it because it has cost us almost $500. Again this year his doctor told him he had to do the bloodwork. He explained the situation. His doctor gave him orders for the bloodwork he needed done and told him to go to the Pike County Health Department to get it drawn. Today he did that and it cost him $19. Way more affordable! I just want people to know that you can have your blood drawn somewhere else. Hope this helps save people money and not missing out on necessary medication because you can’t afford the bloodwork.


Donna Ellison

Thank you to Robin Orf for helping with installing my new car seats for my grandsons. She was very patient and informative. I truly appreciate the help. This is a wonderful service to provide to the community.