Safe Sitter® Training

Overview of Safe Sitter® Training

Pike County Health Department joins hundreds of cities across the country that offers Safe Sitter® babysitting training classes. The medically accurate program teaches 6th - 8th grade girls and boys how to handle emergencies when caring for younger children.

Dr. Patricia Keener, an Indianapolis pediatrician, developed the Safe Sitter® program after a colleague’s toddler choked to death while in the care of an adult sitter who didn’t know what to do. Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death in children. The goal of Safe Sitter® is to reduce the number of avoidable and unintentional deaths among children being cared for by adolescent babysitters. Safe Sitter® graduates learn how to handle life threatening emergencies, how to keep themselves safe, when and how to call for help, and how to understand and deal with children of different ages. They even learn about the business aspects of babysitting. Safe Sitters are more confident and capable caregivers. They also learn infant and child CPR.

The health department offers the Safe Sitter® curriculum designed for comprehensive coverage which includes:

It introduces Preventing Injuries and Behavior Management. Participants will also learn infant and child CPR. The class is 6 ½ hours, or 1 day with CPR, for a fee of $35.00. Scholarships are available to those who qualify.

Safe Sitter InstructorsThe course is taught by registered nurses that are certified American Heart Association CPR instructors. Rhonda Stumbaugh, RN, Community Health Coordinator and Kim Gamm, RN BSN CDE, Maternal & Child Health Coordinator, (photo right) have successfully completed the Safe Sitter® Instructor training course.

To successfully complete the Safe Sitter® program, students must pass a rigorous practical and written test to show that they have mastered the key concepts and have the skills necessary to handle an emergency.

For more information, or to register to attend, contact our office at 573-324-2111.

Download the Safe Sitter® Registration Form. Forms can be mailed to the Health Department or faxed to 573-324-3057 or emailed to

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