Pike County Behavioral Health Services

Pike County Behavioral Health Services

The mission of this project is to enhance the availability of good mental health service to our community. Also to increase the understanding and acceptance of mental health and substance abuse issues, and to actively provide clinical services to Pike County residents in need of the same.

Pike County Behavioral Health Services provide increased access to quality behavioral health and referral services for individuals who are residents of our service area. These services are targeted to individuals who are uninsured, under-insured or are having difficulty finding appropriate mental health care close to home.

We assist in establishing referrals and care coordination with current community resources. The project may provide outpatient services including mental health screening and initial assessment, Psychotherapy, individual and group counseling, substance abuse services and will collaborate with primary care providers and community resources.

We have the flexibility to offer outreach throughout the community, as well as visit patient’s home if needed. All services are provided by mental health professionals licensed/certified to provide professional mental health and substance abuse programs. This initiative is in partnership with various community partners and is ready to serve you. Also in partner with Healthy Minds Healthy Lives of Pike County along with other organizations, this behavioral service helps the people of Pike County to recognize the importance of mental health, increase their knowledge and ability to seek help, and lead high quality, meaningful lives.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK(8255)

Arthur Center ACI Hotline: 1-800-833-2064

Please take a moment to participate in this brief community mental health survey!

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Pike County Health Department, Home Health & Hospice, in coordination with Pike County Behavioral Health Services and the Healthy Minds, Healthy Lives Coalition of Pike County, values your input as we work to improve health outcomes in our county.

Your opinion will help us build awareness of mental health and substance abuse issues and increase access to services so that you and your family, co-workers, neighbors, congregants and friends live healthy and fulfilling lives. Your input counts and is 100% anonymous. Please take a few moments and follow the attached link to complete a community survey on mental health and substance use in our county.