Participating hospices who receive Medicare reimbursement are required to provide a minimum of 5% of total patient care hours through volunteers. This was written into law in 1982 when hospice care was recognized as a Medicare benefit.

The reasoning behind this mandate was that volunteers would fill the void in caring that is often experienced when families are dealing with the difficult changes. The hospice volunteers bring a different perspective and often do not have the same level of emotional attachment that family and friends have. As a result of this mandate, now Medicare participating hospices public, for profit, not for profit, and everything in between provides at least 5 percent of total patient care through hospice volunteers.Hospice Volunteer

Interested in becoming a Hospice volunteer? 

People often imagine themselves becoming a hospice volunteer, and being able to make a difference helping those nearing the end of their life journey yet too many people never follow through because they are nervous of what may be expected, and unsure of what it entails.

Possessing these qualities makes for great Hospice Volunteers; do you have what it takes?

“Make someone’s last moments, their best moments.”

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For questions regarding Hospice, please contact the agency at (573) 324-2111.