Home Care & Hospice Foundation of Pike County

The Home Care & Hospice Foundation was created to meet, as necessary, the gap between the agency's income and costs, staff education, and training, equipment purchases and maintenance, facility improvements and fundraising costs, with an overall objective to provide high quality Hospice and Home care to every area citizen regardless of ability to pay.

The Foundation Board is made up of area citizens and staff, who study needs and opportunities, plan fundraising, and set goals and time tables for implementation of activities.

The Foundation is a not-for-profit organization and operates on fundraisers and donations. 

“Dreams do come true for new Home Care and Hospice Foundation of Pike County after two years.”

This was the heading for the Louisiana Press Journals June 20, 2001 article about the creation of the foundation.

Original Hospice Foundation BoardThe founding members pictured at their first formal meeting are (seated) Lisa Pitzer and Jack Siefkas. Back row, LuAnn Meyer, Dottie Brown, John McIlroy, Jr., Gail Smith, Melaney Magruder Mathis, Mary Grover & Carol McMorris.
Hospice Foundation BoardCurrent members: Front row: Talley Saucier, Nellie Wamsley, Fern Grote, Melaney Mathis (chairman); Back row: Art Flynn, Kent Betts, Bill Unsell, Sonya Gilbert (vice-chairman), Jim Hansen, Elisha Koenig, Linda Luebrecht, Linda Korte, Jennifer Schumacher (event coordinator) and Chris Deeken (president); Not pictured: Craig Bowen, Peggy Summers & Dorothy Brown

Since that first meeting on April 25th, 2001 the foundation, with its donations, has helped over 3,000 patients and community citizens. "Donations have been used for care of indigent patients, to pay for costly medications that patients need to maintain a level of comfort in the dying  process. In addition, blood transfusions needed to enhance quality of life that are not reimbursed under the Medicare benefit have been paid for through the donation account."

Mr. Siefkas, Chairman of the board of directors, said "Now the dream continues that this area can have Hospice and Home Health services that are adequately funded and able to provide the best services to the patients regardless of ability to pay."

Pike County Health Department, Home Health & Hospice has a passionate staff that are all dedicated to providing the necessary care to their community. Patient care will continue to be greatly enhanced with the financial support of the foundation.

Memorial Border

The Home Care & Hospice Foundation of Pike County helped develop a “Memorial Border” of specific beautiful trees surrounding the PCHD building. Families who have had a loved one under our hospice care were given the opportunity to purchase one of these tree’s and dedicate it to the memory of their lost loved one by inscribing their name in a beautiful granite stone that lay beneath. In addition to the memorial tree’s there are future plans for a Memorial Rose Garden so families can still dedicate in memory of their loved ones.


Enable Pike County Hospice to provide hospice care to patients and families regardless of their ability to pay. We are a not-for-profit 501(c)3, charitable organization. Any donations designated for hospice care are issued to assist patients and families served by Pike County Hospice.

Making a donation to the Home Care & Hospice Foundation of Pike County is easy, just download this donation form and send along with your generous donation. You may also choose to simply drop off your donation at our office with a note of whom you would like your donation to be in memory of.

Donations are also Tax Deductible and are accepted many sorts including appreciated assets such as securities or real estate.

Mail to 1 Health Care Place - Bowling Green, MO 63334.

Or you can donate online

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Circle of Hope Bracelets

Circle of Hope Bracelets

Bracelets may be viewed at the Circle of Hope’s website however, in order for our Foundation to get credit the bracelets must be purchased through our office.

The Home Care & Hospice Foundation of Pike County began selling Circle of Hope Bracelets on July 14, 2004. To date we have sold $73,248.95 in bracelets. Of that money, our foundation has received $23,319.00.

Circle of Hope Bracelets School Colors
Bracelets in School Colors - $12
Circle of Hope Bracelet Single Strand
Single Strand
Circle of Hope Bracelets Trio
Trio Strand

Circle of Hope Bracelet History

In 1999, the first Circle of Hope Bracelet (COHB) was designed by jewelry-maker Fran Lefrak-Brown of St. Louis, MO.  Fran, a breast cancer survivor, made a commitment to donate all of the profits from her jewelry business to causes that fight cancer.

Fran’s message of HOPE for the bracelets is Hope, Optimism, Peace of Mind, and Enthusiasm for Life. The bracelet certainly acts as a tangible bond for cancer patients, their families and their friends when spirits need lifting. The Circle of Hope Bracelet is much more universal: it is a life symbol and a visible connection – a sign of unity among those involved in the fight against cancer.

Sadly, Fran passed away in 2002 from metastasis from breast cancer.  The COHB organization lives on, thriving and growing, and annual sales have grown substantially from the 2002 level. The Circle of Hope Bracelets organization is a living tribute to Fran, a beautiful legacy that she has given us, an expanding community committed to the cancer fight. Reflecting the interests of our volunteers, Circle of Hope Bracelets donates nationwide to dozen of charities that cover a broad spectrum of cancer types.

In 2004, the IRS designated Circle of Hope Bracelets as a not-for-profit foundation, subject to 501 (c)(3)tax status.