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Home Health and Hospice Now Serving a Portion of Audrain and Montgomery Counties

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Service mapThe Pike County Health Department, Home Health and Hospice is proud to announce their recent expansion of home health and hospice services into the counties of Audrain and Montgomery.

For years the local, non-for-profit agency had received numerous inquiries of whether they were able to provide services in this area. This past winter the lengthy application process of expanding coverage westward began.

Christopher Deeken, administrator of the Pike County Health Department, Home Health and Hospice exclaimed, “We are very excited to take on this new expansion, the need is there and we are more than happy to help out our neighbors. We look forward to providing the same dedicated, compassionate care that we have gained a reputation for within Pike County.”

For many years, Pike County Health Department, Home Health & Hospice has been one of the main health care providers for both home health & hospice services in the region, offering home health services since 1969 and hospice services since 1993. The agency is partially funded by local tax dollars and as a non-for-profit organization is able to provide a superior level of care without the corporate pressure for profits that other providers contend with.

The agency is staffed with local professionals and is dedicated to giving back through community and public health initiatives. For more information regarding home health or hospice services, please contact the agency at (573) 324-2111.

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